Iowa Section Frequency Coordination Redux


By request, have changed Jones to 147.555.


I found the problem…neglected a necessary input parameter. The list below should address all comments so far.

Good thing I’m hard to embarrass.




Folks, I’ve managed to come up with a stable solution. I reworked the code and the setup slightly based on Joe’s comment on the previous effort. (Joe, my apologies for taking so long to get that comment approved. There was a TON of comments, and yours was the only one that wasn’t spam of some sort…it got lost in the queue.) Joe’s point was that there are counties in our neighboring sections that might conflict with what we’re doing.

As it happens, that is not a problem — no conflicts with the first run!┬áBut it’s a good point. If this becomes an issue in your county, let me know.

At any rate, here is what I did for the second run:

  • Adjusted the algorithm to balance the assignments across available frequencies. This gives us a larger spread and better use of the frequency space.
  • I accidentally lied on the previous bullet…I was not able to force it to balance, but I was able to randomize the list of available frequencies in a way that it works out that way almost all of the time. Sometimes, you just have to kluge it into submission….
  • I reserved four frequencies to use for District-wide mutual aid. We had the room, and it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.
  • I was able to load up counties with more than one frequency planned by altering the map, as discussed previously. I worked out that doing so makes Iowa even less two-dimensional than altering District 6 did, so if I do this a lot, I’m likely to break something at some point.
  • I had to run it three times to ensure I didn’t hit my “forbidden frequencies” for Linn County. Our DSTAR machine lives on two of them (because local AM station WMT is on 600 kHz, and it just KILLS single-site repeaters unless we have non-standard offsets), there’s a packet cluster on one, and another is just too popular to be useful for ARES. I have yet to work out how to enforce that in the code. At any rate, if your assignment conflicts with some local usage, please let me know. It’s fixable.

If I can have a drum roll, here are the results. Let me know if you have questions, or post them here:
{‘ADAIR’: 146.46,
‘ADAMS’: 147.54,
‘ALLAMAKEE’: 147.435,
‘APPANOOSE’: 146.43,
‘AUDUBON’: 147.555,
‘BENTON’: 146.4,
‘BLACKHAWK’: 147.45,
‘BOONE’: 146.55,
‘BREMER’: 147.555,
‘BUCHANAN’: 146.58,
‘BUENAVISTA’: 147.435,
‘BUTLER’: 146.475,
‘CALHOUN’: 147.57,
‘CARROLL’: 147.54,
‘CASS’: 147.48,
‘CEDAR’: 147.45,
‘CERROGORDO’: 147.57,
‘CHEROKEE’: 146.49,
‘CHICKASAW’: 147.57,
‘CLARKE’: 147.54,
‘CLAY’: 146.475,
‘CLAYTON’: 146.55,
‘CLINTON’: 146.46,
‘CRAWFORD’: 146.475,
‘DALLAS’: 147.48,
‘DAVIS’: 146.535,
‘DECATUR’: 146.49,
‘DELAWARE’: 147.465,
‘DESMOINES’: 147.435,
‘DICKINSON’: 146.46,
‘DUBUQUE’: 146.475,
‘EMMET’: 147.555,
‘FAYETTE’: 147.51,
‘FLOYD’: 146.49,
‘FRANKLIN’: 146.565,
‘FREMONT’: 147.465,
‘GREENE’: 147.525,
‘GRUNDY’: 147.48,
‘GUTHRIE’: 146.445,
‘HAMILTON’: 147.51,
‘HANCOCK’: 146.58,
‘HARDIN’: 147.45,
‘HARRISON’: 147.435,
‘HENRY’: 146.55,
‘HOWARD’: 146.565,
‘HUMBOLDT’: 147.525,
‘IDA’: 146.445,
‘IOWA’: 147.525,
‘JACKSON’: 146.43,
‘JASPER’: 147.555,
‘JEFFERSON’: 146.535,
‘JOHNSON’: 147.495,
‘JONES’: 147.555,
‘KEOKUK’: 147.54,
‘KOSSUTH’: 146.415,
‘LEE’: 147.54,
‘LINN’: 146.505,
‘LINN2’: 147.48,
‘LOUISA’: 147.45,
‘LUCAS’: 146.445,
‘LYON’: 147.48,
‘MADISON’: 147.495,
‘MAHASKA’: 146.415,
‘MARION’: 147.51,
‘MARSHALL’: 146.505,
‘MILLS’: 147.435,
‘MITCHELL’: 147.51,
‘MONONA’: 146.565,
‘MONROE’: 147.45,
‘MONTGOMERY’: 147.525,
‘MUSCATINE’: 147.51,
‘OBRIEN’: 147.57,
‘OSCEOLA’: 147.51,
‘PAGE’: 146.46,
‘PALOALTO’: 146.535,
‘PLYMOUTH’: 146.415,
‘POCAHONTAS’: 146.49,
‘POLK’: 146.49,
‘POLK2’: 146.43,
‘POLK3’: 147.42,
‘POLK4’: 146.46,
‘POWESHIEK’: 146.46,
‘RINGGOLD’: 146.46,
‘SAC’: 147.555,
‘SCOTT’: 146.475,
‘SHELBY’: 146.565,
‘SIOUX’: 147.555,
‘STORY’: 146.43,
‘TAMA’: 146.58,
‘TAYLOR’: 147.48,
‘UNION’: 147.435,
‘VANBUREN’: 146.49,
‘WAPELLO’: 147.555,
‘WARREN’: 146.565,
‘WASHINGTON’: 146.415,
‘WAYNE’: 146.505,
‘WEBSTER’: 147.435,
‘WINNEBAGO’: 147.51,
‘WINNESHIEK’: 146.46,
‘WOODBURY’: 146.535,
‘WORTH’: 146.415,
‘WRIGHT’: 146.475}