Website Updates

Hello, everyone! You have doubtless noticed by now that the website has changed. We’ve moved to a WordPress “blog” format. The old site (based loosely on the Iowa state flag…you noticed that, right?) was fine, but due to the difficulty of maintaining 15 years of accumulated cruft, it had become very outdated. The new format should improve things for all involved, but some changes were required.

  • All links have changed. Most of the old links were “deep links” directly to specific parts of other websites. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of dead links — people move things around, rendering the links useless. So all links to external sites will be to their top level pages only.
  • We’ll have more than one person available to maintain the site and provide news! This is a big one.
  • Most of the links to Iowa ARES sites were dead or wrong. We won’t be providing those anymore. Henceforth, if you need a site, just email the EC for that county. How? Easy! Every county in the section now has a dedicated email address! Just use the name of the county (in lower case, with no spaces or punctuation: linn, cerrogordo, obrien, etc) and it will be forwarded to the correct person.

Please send any comments, errors, or suggestions to N0GUD. Thanks!